Thursday, August 24, 2006

I need Pearl Ex Series 3!

I just found out today that Pearl Ex has a Series 3!!!! More colors! More powdery goodness to indulge in! Holy schniekies!

Went to Hobby Lobby today after lunch at AppleBee's (we were celebrating the fact that Michael has two job interviews tommorrow! Cross your fingers for us!)...and I went a little crazy. I bought: six bottles of Stickles (bronze, silver, gold, ice, purple, more silver, lilac, green, and blue), a Tombo MonoAdhesive roller plus refill, Glue Dots, a 3/4" circle punch, and a 1' circle punch.

I considered, in fact I carried them around the store, purchasing Gelly Roll Souffle pens by Sakura, but I decided to wait and see if I could find them singly before buying ten and deciding that I hate them. Maybe Michaels will have singles....I'll check tonight.


Barb Nelson said...

Jessica - Can you ever have too much Pearl Ex or Stickles?? I think not! Love the blog

Dawn Mercedes said...

That's right...You can never have enough sparkle! Or embellishments. I guess I *need* some pearl ex...I don't have any...sniff, sniff.