Thursday, May 31, 2007

PaperTrey Ink

Dontcha just *heart* their stuff?!? I do. Boy do I. I posted on SplitCoast yesterday about how giddy I was when I opened my box of stamps. It was -pristine-. It really is the little touches that make a company stand out in my mind. And....I will order again. Definately.

Supplies: Stampin' Up cardstock (Real Red, Basic Black), PaperTrey Ink cardstock (white....YUM!), Stampin Up! Ink (Real Red), Stewart Superior Pallete Ink (Noir), Papertrey Ink stamps (Little Lady).

De-lish! I stamped the large ladybug all over the yummy, crisp white cardstock. Then I stamped the little ladybug and all of the antennae. I cut it into pieces, mounted it on Real Red and then onto Basic Black card bases and stamped the sentiments. I decided the envies needed to match, so I stamped those too.

Supplies: Stampin Up cardstock (Summer Sun, Pixie Pink, Gable Green), PaperTrey cardstock (white), Stampin' Up Ink (Summer Sun, Pixie Pink, Gable Green, Creamy Caramel, Basic Black), Silver mini brad, pink velvet ribbon.

There was NO plan for this card...and it showed cause it took me an hour and a half to make. I just started stamping and pling! it all came it when that happens.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Some stuff

This is....well...sorta what Sparky's wedding invitation will look like. I made up three samples, and they liked this one the best, but we made some changes to the design and such.

Supplies: Stampin' Up CS (Very Vanilla, Elegant Eggplant, and Lavender Lace), Martha Stewart Crafts (clear monogram frames stamp set), Stampin' Up (Ivory Organdy Ribbon), Provocraft (Textile cuttlebug embossing folder).

Simple, yet elegant I think. changes to be made? Well the embossing is going to be done with the swirls embossing folder, and nix the Martha monogram. Instead we are using the wedding cake stamp and embossing with silver EP...and nixing the ribbon. Simple enough....I think.

I found the pattern for this card here. I love Nichole Heady's blog....she always has such cute stuff. And as such, I ordered my first two PaperTrey ink stamp sets on Saturday...Little Lady and Green Thumb! I am -wicked- excited about them coming this week. Incidentally, I also have some new Bella's coming this week also!

I tried some pergamano as well...using what I embossing thingie and a paper piercer on black fun foam.

I dunno. I think it looks ok....I'll keep trying because this craft dates back to the 14th century and that is -perfect- for when DBF and I do me something I can sit down and do while he goes out and battles.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Some stamps for sale

Alright kids...all of these are unmounted to use with acrylic blocks...some have never been used more than just to stamp the index on the EZ Mount when I first got them. If you have any questions or interest, please email me at or leave a comment here!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bad Sunday

Well we had some bathroom issues last night. I.E.: the toilet always needs plunging...for everything. Well it backed up AGAIN last night and we couldn't get it fixed this time. So we shut off the water at the emergency valve and called maintenence. They never bothered to call back or come, so we went to bed, thinking that it was ok because we turned the valve off, which it should have been.

But noooooooooo. I woke up at 6:30 this morning to hear the toilet RUNNING. I open the bathroom door and FWOOSH! Water flooded out and onto the carpet. Michael lept out of bed and started bailing the gushing water out of the toilet and dumped it into the tub. I went downstairs to get towels and noticed that there is water POURING from around the light fixtures in the kitchen and dining area...onto the counters, carpet, the oak dining table, his computer and my sewing machine. So we're both soaked and annoyed and tired, so we head out to the store, buy a new plunger and this CLR plumbers stuff. Its like this pressure in a can....its supposed to blast the clog out of the line in two seconds. Yeah. Right.

Michael called maintenence again and still no call or person showed. We just bail out the toilet every hour on the hour.

He called again an hour later and told them that we were going to call a plumber if someone did not show up in an hour and take care of was an emergency, therefore someone had to come out. So the guy shows up twenty minutes later and looks at the mess not only in the bathroom, bedroom, and hall...then in the downstairs and apologized PROFUSELY for ignoring our call Saturday night because the management company said that toilet problems were not an emergency in their eyes. He, however, felt that they were, but was just following orders.

So the dude made a hella lot of noise and finally got it unstuck. Apparently the previous tenant had the same problem and there was something litterally jamed in the pipes that needed to be pushed through with an auger. The ceiling, wall and carpets should be fine, they just need to dry out. *sigh* We should have been ok with just turning off the water and waiting....turns out that after we turned it off the washer inside the shut off snapped and started letting water back through, so he fixed that too. We're ok now. Just a little damp and waiting to dry out...and we're really not happy because we have had nothing but problems with this place since we moved here a few weeks ago. I think we will be looking for somewhere new over the next couple weeks.

We went grocery shopping afterwards and bought a Swiffer Wet jet cause obviously I needed to mop and my mop died in the move (don't ask). I cleaned and Michael took out the garbage and washed the towels. I had just laid down to take a nap and he said "Honey! Come look! There are green CHICKENS out in our yard!" Yes, there is a pond behind our house.


Being Canadian you would have thought he would have known better.

Monday, May 14, 2007


I got a comment on the photocubes...

No, they're not all coaster. It's actually a wood black just painted with white craft paint. ;) I should have mentioned that, but I was having a blonde day....and I was really tired. Hehe.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

More Mother's Day...

Well this will be my last Mother's Day gift post...until next year at least. I had to have a clandestine stamp meeting with my FAB! demo since I was unable to make it to stamp camp Saturday morning. So we met in the grocery store parking lot and she gave me my kit and I paid her, then made this photo cube this morning!
The first photo is me and my mother at my bridal shower a few years ago. Yes I am divorced now, but I still love the photo...we both look good in it! LOL!
The second photo on the left hand side of the cub is my brother when he was...oh....9 or so, holding his new cat. She was a rescue and mom still has her. Her name is Cammy....and she's a whole hella lot tubbier now! And he is now 20!
The bottom photo on the left is me, mom, and dad when I was 10 months old. They took me on a carousel together...I was so thankful to find the photo! And the photo on the right is me and my bro a few years ago.
I gave her that cube and the candles from the previous post and she loved them both. She got all teary at the photos tho and said she was going to put it on her desk tommorrow!
And one last note for today....I started *FINALLY* getting my stamp space put together. There is still alot of work to do and I totaly need to figure out where I want everything, but it will get there! Whoohooo!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mothers Day-part 2

I made this one for my Grandma. I think I need to make ANOTHER one for my mom's friend Kathy, who we lived next door to for 18 years. She was like a mother to me...maybe I will do that one in purples. And change it a little...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mother's Day Gift

Well since my mother doesn't read my blog (I don't think she actually knows about it...) I figured that it would be ok to go ahead and post what I made for her!

Supplies: Ink: Rose Red, Regal Rose, Pretty In Pink, and Always Artichoke by Stampin' Up!, Stamps: Roses in Winter by Stampin' Up!, Trendy Greetings by TAC, Others: white tissue paper, candles from Dollar Tree, small glass tray from Dollar Tree, Pink flat marbles from Dollar Tree.

I burnt my fingers alot doing these little candles, but I think they turned out adorable. I plan on making one for my Grandma tommorrow using yellows because yellow roses are her favorite.

I made this 5 In 1 Template box to put the candles in. The tray was too big so I plan on dragging out some ribbon tommorrow and tying it all together with a nice card.
Good? Yes? No?

Friday, May 04, 2007

'Nother bracelet

This one for the Pickerington Panthers. The purple and white one in the previous post was for the Pickerington Tigers. Yep. Alma Mater. Well....there was only one school then, now there is two....yep. Big stuff.

I stamped the, panther paw in white Stazon and let it dry, then stamped over it in Vibrant Violet stazon. I think it works well!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I've been tagged!

Wow....never honestly thought it would happen to me. I remember reading a post by someone a while back about not being one of the 'popular kids' or whatnot, so I took alot of that to heart..and never had a second thought about being Tagged until I got a comment from Created By U.

Seven things about me....

1.) I am a re-enactor. I do viking re-enactment and now am branching into pirateera re-enacting. I go to a two week re-enactment in the middle of summer and love every second of the blissfulness...well, except for when certain individuals try to create drama.

2.) I hate closed mindedness. Add snap judgements to that. Don't judge someone untill you know them, you will be eating your words later, I guarantee. This has happened all too recently in my life.

3.) I am a hopeless Chipotle addict. I love chicken burrito bol with rice and pinto beans and extra cheese. Skip the fork, scoop the goods out with Chipotle chips!

4.) I don't own one pair of plain socks. They all have pictures or fun things on them. Right now I am wearing light blue socks with poodles on them. Yep. Poodles.

5.) I am a Star Wars geek. I'm too young to have seen the originals in the theater, but apparently my father took me to see Return of the Jedi when I was two. And I was hooked from then on. Really, I think that if Qui Gon Jin had not died, the Empire would have had a serious dent in it's plans....

6.) I work for a chiropractor. I have worked for him for ten years on May 23rd. I doubt he will remember. (long story) My mother works for him too....she's worked for him for 26 years in October. My job started out as a high school mentorship project and they realised that I was good at the job and I have been at it ever since.

7.) I have an entire closet full of garb. Yep, you read that right. I have an ENTIRE closet full of renaissance/re-enactment clothes and shoes. I see something I like, I make it....or DBF makes it for me. Want a picture? Here is the dress he HANDSEWED for me for pirate era stuff.

That is my beautiful friend Nurianna with me. Seems there was a bit of a rainstorm Saturday night and her table coverings got soaked through. Bummer! She's the BEST gypsy facepainter ever. :)

So now I have to tag seven people? Yeah uhm...I am sure they have already been tagged, but I am going to just showcase some of my favorite blogs to go to each day....

1.) Dawn Mercedes

2.) Busy Bee

3.) Prairie Paper and Ink

4.) Paper Trufflez

5.) Mama Dini

6.) InkyPaws

7.) SherLyn Design

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Cool, huh? I was demoing the new Martha Stewart line at Michael's on Saturday and happened upon some Shrinky Dink plastic. Woot?! So I snatched it up ($4.99 for 10 sheets) as well as some white Stazon opaque ink and headed home. After carefully selectng Carte Postale, I stamped each image on black Shrinky Dink plastic, punched the images out with round and oval punches, punched holes with my Crop A Dial and then shrank in the toaster oven!
Once shrunk, I attached them to jump rings and attached to the bracelet. Honestly, they needed something so I went BACK to Michael's and purchased some crystals and added the little drops. This thing got such a good reaction that I made a Pickerington Tigers one and am sending it to school with my friend tommorrow to see if these little bad boys can sell!

I like em. Alot. Must make more with butterfly stamps!