Sunday, December 09, 2007

This is a huge post....

So these are just a few of the things that I made for the 'craft show' that I did yesterday. It turned out to be more like people who sold Avon and Mary Kay and Tupperware and such, than actual crafts. *sigh* Ah well....I still made a little money so that was nice. Now, here are the projects....sorry, I don't remember everything that I used on each one.

Green Thumb mini photo album- I found the albums at Michaels for $1 and just covered and decorated. This one was my favorite!

Spiral Boquet mini photo album

My version of snowman soup

Snowflake Serenade card- based off of a card I saw on Nichole Heady's blog (I think).

Spiral Boquet card

Peaceful Wishes card

Believe tree card- based on a card seen on Nichole Heady's blog.

Figgy Pudding snowman card.
Whoo hoo! Look at me posting again. :P

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Wow...time does fly

It's been over a month, eh? I don't really have a whole lot to post becuase I have not taken any pictures of the things that I have made. I'm doing a craft show next Saturday...whoopdedoo. :P I have piles of things to sell, but nothing is priced yet and who knows how well anything will sell. I hope it does though...if not, I'm only out $20 and I have a ton of gifts for the girls that I work with.

Let me see here...Oh right. The job. Still kicking my butt, though not as much as it was when I started. I am starting to get into the swing of things. And let me tell you...working with that many women is dramatic. Grr.

What else...oh...Michael got a job and we had to do a fly by trip to Canada to get his visa renewed. That was fun. Customs and immigration for two hours. Bleh.

I'll take some photos of stuff tonight and see about posting them. That will be one hella huge post though!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Wateercolor Tree

Supplies: Lovely as a Tree (Stampin' Up!); More Mustard, Ruby Red, Watercolor paper (Stampin' Up!); Chocolate Chip, Really Rust, Ruby Red, More Mustard markers (Stampin' Up!); chocolate chip ribbon.

So it's a trifold card. I don't have measurements really, but it is just 4.25x4.25 and I just folded it to the point where I liked it. I stamped the oak leaf stamp all over the More Mustard piece in More Mustard ink and sat it aside.

The tree. Well....I took the markers and started with the lightest color and just thumped the brush end of the marker against the 'leaf' part of the tree, then repeated untill the darkest color was last. I colored the trunk and small branches with a Chocolate Chip marker. Next, I sprayed the stamp lightly with water and then stamped on watercolor paper. WOW! Ok so it was a little damp and took several minutes to dry, but I love the way it turned out. Too cute. Elegant.

The thing I don't like about the card? I don't think I like the ribbon....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

SC 147

Yeah....I did a sketch's been a while.

Supplies: Basic grey Blush paper, Bazzil Basics textured paper (I cannot remember the colors), Snowflake Serenade by Papertrey Ink, Believe by Papertrey Ink, antique brads by Making Memories, Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink: Chestnut Roan, Rose Coral, Blush Rose, and Creamy Brown, Sakura Stardust pen.

Yeah so I am not sure how I like it. You can't see in the photo, but I traced all the snowflakes with a Sakura Stardust pen....

It just seems bland....DBF thinks it's beautiful though.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October is....

Everyone already knows that it is Breast Cancer Awareness month....but here is just my little way of showing my support too!
Supplies: Think Pink stamp set (MFT), White CS (Papertrey ink), Pallete Noir Hybrid ink (Stewart Superior; Pretty in Pink, Blush Blossom, and Bliss Blue markers (Stampin' Up!), 4" chipboard coaster, Pink grosgrain ribbon (Michaels), UTEE, Pink EP, Versamark, pinback (that I pirated from another pin....I'll replace it tonight when I get more pinbacks at the craft store).

Well I saw this idea on SCS, well, not exactly this idea. I saw a card by someone who mentioned that the ribbon could come off and be worn. So I though to myself...."Self, why don't you break down and buy that MFT set and use the little torso stamp to make a pin with a ribbon behind it...." The idea started out simple and exploded from there.

I modpodged the white cardstock to the coaster and stamped in Pallete Hybrid Noir ink, then colored with markers. Squished the whole thing in Versamark and doused it in UTEE and heated it. I think I did that three times till it was all smooth. Then I squished each side in Versamark and embossed the sides with pink EP to finish them. Since the coaster was so raw on the cut edges it took about three coats to get it nice. And to finish I just attached the ribbon with glue dots and used some E6000 glue to stick the pinback on. Ta Da!

And in other unrelated news. I know I haven't posted much. Why? My new job is killing me. Not really. It's just training and getting acclimated and such. I'm getting really tired really fast and just haven't had the gumption for crafting. I did drag the supplies downstairs and made an almost CASE of this card by Nichole Heady for my mothers Christmas cards. Only twenty of them, but still....that's alot of coloring. And no, I didn't find the Sharpie poster paint pen. I used an Elmer's Paint Pen and it seemed to work pretty well.

So we'll see. I should start feeling more up to stuff soon....we'll see! :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Lots of things have been happening to me recently, hence the lack of posting going on in my life. So here's some stuff:

09/11/07- My last post. Also the day that I drove my rear downtown and interviewed at The Eye Care Center. I was there for TWO FREAKING HOURS!

09/12/07- The day the interviewer from The Eye Care Center called and HIRED ME...making $4/hour more than I was at the chiropractors office, with FULL paid benefits, paid uniforms, 401K, parking, etc. Right. Momentary panic, then accepted the job. Then I had to call my mother (who is my office manager) and tell her that I got a new job. I should mention that I worked at the chiropractors for oh...10 years. With my mom. It's been awesome.

09/13/07- The day I had to tell my boss /Dr. of ten years that I was leaving the practice to move on to a better job. That was harsh and I was a real chicken about it.

09/14/07- The day I had to tell everyone else at the office that I was leaving....ouch.

Skip the weekend because I was sick with bronchitis and just kinda rested and did nothing other than daydream about stamping....but I was too sick to sit up in the chair to do it.

09/17-09/20/07- Monday through Thursday at the chiropractors....working my butt off to get things caught up and done so that my mom (still the office manager) didn't have to do it all when I left. *sigh* Things went ok...but I took my time cleaning out my office.

09/21/07- My last day. The doctors (there are two) gave me a GORGEOUS Tiffany necklace. I get cards and gifts that make my cry....and lots of flowers that made me sneeze. I ended up giving half of them to my Grandmother so that I wouldn't die from pollen overdose. The girls took me out for lunch...then when the day ended we all got a little teary saying goodbye...though it's not goodbye, it's just 'see ya soon'...because of course I will stop by....I have a bad back, apparently. :)

I proceded to cry all the way home. Then I took my anti-nausea pill and my antibiotic and slept for 3 hours straight. I finally feel good again.

Yesterday I watched my friends baby for her while she was at work. I thought that taking him to Easton to play in the fountain would be fun since it was hot out....boy I was I wrong. The fountain went over like a lead balloon. He screamed and clung to me and wanted nothing to do with it. Luckily, Easton rents out strollers for no charge, so we got one and just wandered around untill DBF met us there. Then we headed home and had some Wendy's for supper. Good day.

Now...I'm just waiting for my Grandmother to pick me up on the way to church. I haven't been to church in this should be interesting.

I am going to stamp later though. I want to finish my latest notebook so that I have something to take notes in tommorrow at my new job.

Oh and I should mention. My best friend interviewed at the same office on Friday doing a receptionist type keep your fingers crossed that she gets it. She needs to get out of her current job. And it would be so cool to be that close to her!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pictures of stamp sets

Charming Gardeners

IF THERE ARE ANY SPECIFIC SETS YOU WANT TO SEE AND DON'T SEE THEM HERE (I'm having a blonde moment with posting them all...) PLEASE EMAIL ME AT or post a comment!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

I really don't want to hae to put this stuff on eBay....

SO PLEASE TAKE IT OFF MY HANDS! I have this listed on SplitCoast as well!

First and foremost....Pearl Ex....I bought ALL OF THIS PEARL EX and I NEVER use the stuff!I also have the following colors of Pearl Ex available...some have never been used, and others have been used once and a miniscule amount:

Flamingo pink, super copper, brilliant gold, sunset gold, sparkle copper, aztec gold, sparkle gold, super russet, interference violet, interference gold, silver, micro pearl, super bronze, turquoise, brilliant yellow, true blue, antique silver, misty lavender, antique copper, spring green, duo green-yellow.

21 Colours! $1.50 each! Buy 2 for $2.50. $26.00 for the whole lot or make me an offer!

On to the TAC sets. I am cleaning out my stamp room and these ALL MUST GO. Prices are as listed, but feel free to make me an offer on groups of sets and I WILL COMBINE SHIPPING!

Wild Animals $13 + Shipping. Used ONCE!
Sassy Cats $5 +Shipping. Used once!
Something For You $5 + Shipping. Never Used!
Charming Gardeners $13 +Shipping. Used once!
Tag Tidbits $6+ Shipping. Gently Used!
You're Invited $3+shipping. Gently used!
Trendy Greetings $13 +Shipping. Gently Used!
Hip Hardware $4 + Shipping. Used ONCE!
Celebrate $5 +Shipping. NEVER USED!
Little Somethings $6 +Shipping. One stamp used ONCE!
Ancient Alphabet $14 +Shipping. Only a couple letters used!
July Stamp of the Month set $4 +Shipping. Gently used!
Jungle/Hip Hip Limited Edition set $5 + Shipping Gently used!
Hey You (gift with purchase stamp) $1+Shipping. Never Used.
FBI Girly stamp (uncut still...and I dont recall the name of the set) $3 +shipping. Never used.
Booking stamps (25 stamps total) $10 + Shipping. Gently used!

I have pictures of ALL of the TAC stamps. PM with your email if you want to see pictures of any of them!

And finally....WOOD BLOCKS and SU plastic hinge cases!!! I have a TON of wood blocks and cases from unmounting my SU sets! MAKE AN OFFER! PM if you need specific sizes, etc! I will be MORE than happy to help you out!

ETA: Removed items sold on SCS.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm a schmuck

Did you guys know that? I didn't until yesterday. Apparently I was....well, we won't get into that.

Supplies:(Stampin' Up! Unless otherwise noted) Enchante Double Sided Designer Paper, Pale Plum CS, Perfect Plum ink, Versamark, UTEE, and a buncha ribbon that I got from TexasJodyLynn's ribbon share ( I dunno the names of all the colors....).

So I made this for my coworker because I am a schmuck. I took the little $1 notebook apart (just pried the binding apart and yoinked all the suff out), then covered in the Enchante paper and used my Crop A Dial to punch the holes. I lined the covers with Sage Shadow cardstock...and used Mod Podge to adhere it all. So once it was dry I put the whole thing back together and used the Cricut to cut out the initial in Pale Plum.

When I laid the initial on the book, it looked boring. So I sponged the edges with Perfect Plum ink....and it still looked boring. I smooshed the letter in Versamark ink and then covered in UTEE and heated. Smooshed in Versamark again and dumped more UTEE and heated. Did that three times till it was smooth and glassy.'s really shiney and pretty.

Once I got the ribbons tied on, I realised it wasn't enough, so I made a little micro beaded pen to match. No stamping on either of these projects folks....I just realised that.

Oh....but I did show my friend how unmounted stamps worked last night. She had NO idea. And she was impressed.

Monday, August 27, 2007

I've always been a Tiger....

But my friend works at Pickerington North....which are the Panthers. (Central is the Tigers) so I made these cute little paw magnets in their school colors....

I think they're cute....I hope the teachers do too!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wedding Invites

Well here they are, the invitations that I busted my butt on for my friends wedding. I used Very Vanilla, Elegant Eggplant, and Lavender Lace cardstock. The cakes are a $1 stamp from Michaels and embossed with sterling silver embossing powder.
I really liked that Mark and Heather wanted to keep it simple for their wedding invitations...and to keep the cost of mailing down. These cards (the pattern is from Nichole Heady's blog) fit in a standard A2 envelope. The response card is just a postcard!

I embossed the back of the response card to match the invitations. They came out so cute. I only had to make 60, so it wasn't so bad. Just alot of piecing together and almost production line stuff.

When I made the sample for this invitation, I used the Textile Cuttlebug embossing folder, but they preferred the Divine Swirls embossing folder. I think it turned out beautifully. The original intention was to use a small magnet or removable double sided tape to keep the flap closed, but Mark ended up getting me a Basic Grey Notch and Die cutter to make the little notchy bit to keep the flap closed.
What do you all think?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Back from Pennsic

It was rainy, stormy and freaking hot! But so much fun, as usual.

I don't really have a picture that just conveys Pennsic as it is....but this will do. These are my people...the people of Eoforwic. What's Eoforwic? A really rocking group of Canadians that we camped with this year and last year and hopefully we will camp with next year.

Anyway. I got my ribbon share from Jody while I was gone and I am still trying to get it all organized. So my desk is COVERED in ribbon right now. I have finished the wedding invitations and will post a photo of them soon. Now I have a few 8x8 scrapbooks to do that people have ordered from me. And what am I doing? Blogging. *sigh*

Came up with some new classes to teach at Michael's so hopefully those will actually go over and my classes will pick up a bit. :)

I think that's it for now. More soon.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Away I go....

The 'pink' and olive tent on the left hand side is our humble abode for the next week and a half. Yay! Tommorrow we leave for Pennsic for the haul and for War Week....some folks know, others dont....its the biggest SCA event of the year and last year was my first year. I -loved- it.

So many good friends and parties and fun things to do. I'll be gone till the 13th. No blogging till then....not that I blog much anyway, lol!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Snapshots of a Good Life

I met Karen Russell.
Shorter than I expected. Not a problem. There is a whole lot of personality stuffed in there...good person. Great person.

Yes, she really looks like that when she teaches....and this was a nice photo. I have some hilarious ones in my folder. I'm sure she will love me for not sharing them...I'll send them to her anyway.

This was my workstation. I got a bit messy and my fingers are still covered in paint and a bit of glue here and there....the final result was worth it.

And I learned alot. I mean, so much that you just need to take a class with her to understand. I took notes.
I haven't taken notes since junior high.

She must be special.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Baby, Oh Baby

This is a photo from the last weekend in April of myself and my VERy pregnant friend, Myia. We were bellydance partners for a long while before I took a break from dancing, and she got pregnant.

Well she had her baby at 3 am this morning! His name is Devon and he was two weeks late and had to be delivered by cesarian. 8 pounds, 8 ounces. Mommy and baby are fine. Daddy is tired and was a little loopy when I talked to him, but everyone seems to be doing ok.

I'm going to see her Friday, so I will bring baby pictures then!

Monday, July 16, 2007

My grandpa

My mom broke the news to me on Friday morning and I pushed it out of my mind all weekend and it suddenly hit me this morning.

My grandpa has cancer. It's prostate cancer, caught very early, and very treatable, but in the end it's still cancer. He was always nervous to go to the doctor because he was afraid they would tell him that he had cancer.

That's him. Goofball that he is. I took that photo with my unimpressive Fuji Fine Pix Z5 at my grandparents 50th anniversary party last spring.

Yeah, he's going to be fine. I just wanted to put this in here for posterity, and so you guys would know what's going on. Yep. He'll come out perfect. And goofy as always.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I would like to introduce you toes.

That is the single best photo of me that was taken at the SCA event yesterday...and I took it myself. The photos of me doing archery and such turned out very grainy and therefore were deleted on sight....that and I looked like crap on toast, but I shot well!

I was pretty proud of this one of Michael fencing with Lorenzo (aka the dude in tights on the left hand side of the photo), in mid thrust. Despite driving two hours to get his fencing certification and not ending up getting it, we had a decent time.

What happened? Well you need two full marshalls to certify you (we totally need certification by the 25th so he can fight at Pennsic War), and one of the marshalls had his car break down on him on the way to the event. *sigh* Figures. Hopefully there will be another way. We're working on it.

Another of Michael and Lorenzo. I really wish that I had a nice, nice digital camera (SLR...I'm partial to the Canon Digital Rebels, but I know alot of folks aren't), but right now I am shooting with a 6 megapixel Fugi Fine Pix Z5...which was highly impressive to the camera dude at the Cord Camera scrapbook Center. Meh. I need lenses....adjustable....zooooooom. Options!
One day, I'll have one. We'll probably buy it in Canada because we found them about $200 cheaper there.
Karen Russell class this Friday prepared for my geekness!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harry Potter Coma

I may be in love. Daniel Radcliffe is just turning into a little underage hawtie. Yep. I'm sad.
Don't read below if you don't want to be's just my little review:
While it was the one movie so far that barely stuck to the book, the storyline was the same and it was freaking AWESOME! I held my breath when the credits started to roll and everything just started to fall into place right off...the dementor attack in the underpass by the park, the crazy cat lady neighbor, the Order of the Phoenix House.
My heart melted at the first glimpse of Sirius Black. Oh how I long for Harry to have a family... Dolores Umbridge was hilarious and annoying at the same time (as Jackie O. wanna be perfectionists usually are), and Snape...well played! (Traitorous snipe that he is...Alan Rickman is still amazing).
I got teary when they formed Dumbledore's Army and Harry had a speech about how defending yourself against the Dark Arts was just luck for him. And then he kissed Cho...Oh...oh that was sweet...until she betrayed the group and told Dolores Umbridge about the room they were practicing in. Come to find out later that Umbridge had used Veritserum on her and other students.
Let's the ministry in the Department of Mysteries...brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. Except for when Sirius uh....well, died...crazy Beatrix Lestrange used the Avara Kevara curse on him and Harry lost the only family he had left. *weep* Yes, I had tears. What a wuss am I?!?!
All in all I loved it and I want to see it again just to look it over one more time to see if there was any little tidbit I missed. Maybe I will go Sunday or something. I hope the DVD is released before Christmas, though I am sure it will be out a good deal before then.
Now. Next Friday is like my dream day. First, I get to take a class with Karen Russell at the Cord Camera Scrapbook Studio in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, then that evening is the Harry Potter Midnight Magic party at Barnes and Noble. Well of course I will be there...I *heart* everything Harry. And well. I will probably have a book review for you by the end of next weekend. If Harry dies, I'll be inconsoleable. Yep. Save Harry Potter.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Can't get the title bar to work! Grrrrr...

Nothing stamped today.

I made some nifty tile coasters yesterday with some tissue paper that a book came wrapped in. DBF loves them. Apparently I need to make more for him to give as gifts. I'll try and post a picture of those later tonight.

I am hoping that my paper comes today....I need to finish Mark and Heather's wedding invites and get them shipped off and I totally cannot do that without paper!

Oh. And because of Ms. Karen Russell...I bought a hermafix tab dispenser thingie for class. It's a heinous blue color. I saw once where someone had painted an ATG gun. Think that the hermafix thing can be done too???? I want to make it pink and sparkly!

Thursday, July 05, 2007


I mentioned a few days ago that I recently perused the new Cord Camera Scrapbook Center out in Pickerington...well....I also mentioned that Karen Russell is going to be there teaching a class on July 20th-Snapshots of a Good Life.

Do you know how psyched I am to say that I am going to that class!!?!??!?!?

Oh I am such a fangirl. I just got online and freaking emailed her to tell her how psyched I am to meet her and to take her class.

I'm a dork.

And a fangirl.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The new catty is heeeeerrrrreeeeeee

Nice cover, eh? The samples in the new catty are wonderful and very attractive...I have been so inspired by them and have even taken the time to draw up some layouts based on the cards and pages I saw!

Not sure what is on my wishlist yet. I'm trying to be very well behaved and not go insane with the spending. But here is what I do really, -really- like:

Sleigh Bells Ring, pg. 41- It's a beautiful Christmas set, I really like the way it looks and the samples done with it, but I know there is NO way I can make it look that pretty. I am not good at colouring in the slightest....I just can't seem to get pretty stamps like that too look right. (And yet another reason I didn't order any Thomas Kincaid stamps from CHF).

Sealed with a Kiss, pg. 48- Cute.....cute....still unsure about it.

Polka Dots & Paisley, pg. 68- It's -really- growing on me. I used this at stamp club a couple months ago, and didn't like it at first, but the more I look the more I like it....:D

Doodle This, pg. 99- I want it. yes. I do.

Winds of Grace, pg. 109- Like it....on the fence about buying tho. I think it would be good to make cards for my dad.

Priceless, pg. 117- Love it.

Baroque Motifs, pg. 126- Yeah, when I saw this set in the preview catty, I absolutely HAD to have it. HAD TO HAVE IT. Now that I look at it more, I am not sure. Will I use those chunkier images? I have tons of Rhona I need more?

Wing It, pg. 126- Hilarious! Those wings could go on SO MANY THINGS! I keep picturing the heart with wings tattooed on the arm of a biker....hehe.

Illuminations, pg. 127- Love it. Dunno if I would use it.

Pick a Petal, pg. 133- I like's adorable!

Elegant Notes, pg. 134- Love this set....I wish I still sang or played guitar.

Define Your Life, pg. 159- I love this it....want it. I will have it.

All the DP is awesome. I am having a hard time deciding which I like the most and which I want to get. The ribbon rocks and the new In Colors are so freaking cool! I do know that I want to order those first so that I can get to playing with them.

I really think that the Stampin' Stack and Store is awesome and I would love to have one. That would help with my clutter issues for sure!

And the Paper SU! Was totally in my brain on that one.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


I was at the new Cord Camera Scrapbook Center in Reynoldsburg/Pickerington area yesteray. Thank goodness my Grandma told me that she had seen it out there the other day or I would have NEVER KNOWN that it was there. I was highly, highly impressed with their expansive selection and LARGE classroom space.

I was looking around while Michael harrassed the girl at the coffee stand (YES! It has a Joe's right inside the store!) to make him a coffee. Then I saw it.....Karen Russell is coming to teach at that store on July 20th! I was geeked! Completely! I am so going to that....

AND....for the comment I got on my last post....

The music on my blog is by James Carrington and the song is called Ache. I heard it on an episode of Smallville last season and have been hooked ever since. But the scene also had hottie Lex in it, so who wouldn't be hooked?!

Friday, June 29, 2007

WT119 -and- CC120

I got the inspiration from this card partially from Amy R. and the rest is all about the challenges. Yes, I have been stamping more lately. Yay!

Supplies: Little Lady stamp set by PaperTrey Ink, Palette Noir ink by Stewart Superior, Pretty In Pink, Marigold Morning, and Cool Carribean CS by Stampin' Up!, black mini brad by Spare Parts, Platinum Vellum, Sakura Clear Stardust pen.

It's hard to see, but the spots on the wings and the trail are all shimmered with the Sakura Clear Glaze pen. I stamped the wings with Noir on Cool Carribean then cut them out and then cut out some platinum vellum just a titch bigger than the CC wings. I stamped a black body out and then attached the wings to the body and popped it up on a dimensional. I just did the scallops with a corner rounder and glued them down before stamping the bug trail.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

I put a thingie on the side...

On the sidebar thing. I am SOOOO not good at this blogging thing and am actually considering switching to Typepad because I heard it is easier, but we'll see....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stampin' Space

I -finally- got my stamping space finished and put together!!!

This is the shelf for all of my stamps, all of which are unmounted (aside from Carte Postale). Above that I keep my multipacks of paper from Michaels and my two pathetic little bottles of Primas, Snap Stamps, box of glitter and beads as well as my mounted stamp sets, and my Pearl-Ex. I keep a small Stampin' Up! box with most of my acrylic blocks in it on this shelf as well so that they are handy.

So here is where I keep my inks and background stamps. I don't have a storage unit for them yet, but my dad is building me a spinning caddy for them that will hold up to 60 inkpads, not just Stampin' Up!. I also just have my re-inkers sitting up there for now, alongside all my Stickles and my embossing powders. I have some smaller ink spots in one of the small boxes and then my fluid chalk inks stacked next to that.

And this is the whole kit and kaboodle. I have had this desk dad built it for me when I was about 7 years old and it has moved everywhere with me since then. I keep my paper there in that storage bin on the right and below it is a cabinet full of things that I don't use much but cant bear to part with. I also keep my Cropper Hopper ribbon keeper next to it so that the ribbon is handy. The caddy on my desk did have a ton of fancy edged scissors, but I put them away and store my most used tools in it.

Of course my laptop sits there and under that are drawers that are filled with tools, accessories, markers, pencils, etc. And just to the left of that is my paper cutter, my second cutter with a scoring blade and my Coluzzle kit.

That's about it. Nothing fancy or exciting, but it's a REAL space, as opposed to the floor and the toolbox I used to work out of. The table I had at the old apartment was nice, but this is much, much better in my mind.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Finally....a card

As I posted earlier, I have been having a bit of a rough way to go in regards to my family.'s a card....

Supplies: Stampin' Up CS (Blush Blossom, Sage Shadow), Patterned paper by K&Co, Staedler cold press watercolor paper, Javabellas by Stampin Bella, White organdy ribbon, aquapainter and markers by Stampin' Up!, Green stickles, Sakura Clear stardust pen, small corner rounder punch.

Pretty, eh? I was kinda a b**ch to my mom the other day (we work brother is her favorite and I've recently felt more self consious about it and hurt....) and I felt bad about it. I shouldn't have said what I did, but she took it waaaaayyyyy out of proportion and I felt like pond scum. So I came home and made this card for her and wrote a note to apologize.

I posted on SCS the other day about my severe lack of watercolouring skills. Of course Jeanne S. and JulieHRR offered up some awesome advice, so that afternoon I went out and bout a 5x7 pad of cold pressed water color paper. Oh my gosh....I am so not going back to any kind of white after watercolouring on that dreamy So thanks to them!

I feel better, and we talked it out...but I still shouldn't have said it. Bad daughter. Bad!

In other news, I have been stamping more....I don't photograph everything like I should, but I do stamp more. I got a cute little light to mount on the underside of my shelf on my desk....flourescent, I know, bad....but it works so well for what I want. And slowly I am starting to get all my stamping stuff unpacked....finally!

Not posted in a while....sorry.

I thought I had a card for you that I stamped last night, but apparently my cd that I burned is saying that there is nothing on it! Grrr!

So....I haven't posted in a while....there is a reason for it. My grandparents moved into the state from West Virginia and I have been helping my Grandmother and spending time with them. My Grandfather is very sick....two strokes and Alzheimers unfortunately...and we just had to put him into a nursing home.

Awful places, nursing homes. I had never been in one untill I went to see him there. It hurts....alot. I am lucky I wasn't driving that day because I sobbed all the way home. I hate to see him like that.

I was trying to remember him before the stroke the other day, and I couldn't come up with any much does that suck?

I am really just not in a good place right maybe I'll get to post a card later.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Something about Me

Saw this on Splitcoast....

Yourself: I love me, most of the time
Your Partner: I love him more than I thought I could love
Your Hair: blonde-ish
Your Mother: My confidante, my rock
Your Father: A little nuts....
Your Favorite Item: My promise ring
Your Dream Last Night: That my OBGYN called and told me I was pregnant
Your Favorite Drink: Sprite
Your Dream Car: Corvette
Dream Home: In the country with my own stamping room
The Room You Are In: My office at work (it's Sage Shadow!)
Your Fear: oddly....aliens. Not Star Wars aliens, but like 'Signs' aliens. ET freaks me out!
Where You Want to be in Ten Years: Just...happy
Who You Hung Out With Last Night: My boyfriend
You’re Not: confident
One of Your Wish List Items: a digital SLR
The Last Thing You Did: Print out insurance forms before switching to SCS for a bit
You Are Wearing: Scrubs- ceil blue pants and a floral top and white sketchers with pink
Your Favorite Weather: sunny and 75!
Your Favorite Book: Any Harry Potter
Last Thing You Ate: Oreos
Your Life: It's getting there...
Your Mood: tired
Your Best Friend: Jen T.
What Are You Thinking About Right Now: going home
Your Car: Honda Civic
What Are You Doing At The Moment: sitting in my office chair
Relationship Status: In a relationship
What Is On Your TV: don't have one here
What Is The Weather Like: Sunny with a chance of thunderstorms
When Is The Last Time You Laughed: Yesterday evening- MTV movie awards

Yep. I'm boring.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

PaperTrey Ink

Dontcha just *heart* their stuff?!? I do. Boy do I. I posted on SplitCoast yesterday about how giddy I was when I opened my box of stamps. It was -pristine-. It really is the little touches that make a company stand out in my mind. And....I will order again. Definately.

Supplies: Stampin' Up cardstock (Real Red, Basic Black), PaperTrey Ink cardstock (white....YUM!), Stampin Up! Ink (Real Red), Stewart Superior Pallete Ink (Noir), Papertrey Ink stamps (Little Lady).

De-lish! I stamped the large ladybug all over the yummy, crisp white cardstock. Then I stamped the little ladybug and all of the antennae. I cut it into pieces, mounted it on Real Red and then onto Basic Black card bases and stamped the sentiments. I decided the envies needed to match, so I stamped those too.

Supplies: Stampin Up cardstock (Summer Sun, Pixie Pink, Gable Green), PaperTrey cardstock (white), Stampin' Up Ink (Summer Sun, Pixie Pink, Gable Green, Creamy Caramel, Basic Black), Silver mini brad, pink velvet ribbon.

There was NO plan for this card...and it showed cause it took me an hour and a half to make. I just started stamping and pling! it all came it when that happens.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Some stuff

This is....well...sorta what Sparky's wedding invitation will look like. I made up three samples, and they liked this one the best, but we made some changes to the design and such.

Supplies: Stampin' Up CS (Very Vanilla, Elegant Eggplant, and Lavender Lace), Martha Stewart Crafts (clear monogram frames stamp set), Stampin' Up (Ivory Organdy Ribbon), Provocraft (Textile cuttlebug embossing folder).

Simple, yet elegant I think. changes to be made? Well the embossing is going to be done with the swirls embossing folder, and nix the Martha monogram. Instead we are using the wedding cake stamp and embossing with silver EP...and nixing the ribbon. Simple enough....I think.

I found the pattern for this card here. I love Nichole Heady's blog....she always has such cute stuff. And as such, I ordered my first two PaperTrey ink stamp sets on Saturday...Little Lady and Green Thumb! I am -wicked- excited about them coming this week. Incidentally, I also have some new Bella's coming this week also!

I tried some pergamano as well...using what I embossing thingie and a paper piercer on black fun foam.

I dunno. I think it looks ok....I'll keep trying because this craft dates back to the 14th century and that is -perfect- for when DBF and I do me something I can sit down and do while he goes out and battles.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Some stamps for sale

Alright kids...all of these are unmounted to use with acrylic blocks...some have never been used more than just to stamp the index on the EZ Mount when I first got them. If you have any questions or interest, please email me at or leave a comment here!