Wednesday, August 30, 2006


There are so many things that I am excited about today, but we'll just go one at a time here.

First. I am venturing into scrapbooking....I guess. I have matted photos and glued them into 12x12 albums before, but I dunno, that felt more like putting together a photo album than it did adding embellishments and actually making pretty pages like some of the ladies on SCS. I bought a bright red 8x8 scrapbook at Michael's today so that I can put together pages for my cousins wedding that it coming up this Sunday. Her colors are red and silver, btw. So I printed a ton of layouts from so that I have something to go on. I'm going to put the pages together and slip them into the album with places for photos to go and little spots for journaling. Someone on SCS gave me the idea....

So basically, I do this up, take a bunch of pictures at the wedding then stop at Walgreens and print them and pop them into the album before the reception and then give them to her at the reception so she has something to take on her honeymoon. My concept is...make pages, take pictures, BURN the pictures onto a CD and let her choose which photos she wants and she can just pop them in the album before she leaves. They do have two days before they leave, so she'll have time and then will have something nice to take on her honeymoon to remember the wedding day. The most I remember about my wedding day is my cousin bawling her eyes out, and me trying to con my friend John into helping me escape through the back door so that I didn't have to get married!!! The day just blurs a memory is nice to have.

What do you all think?

What else am I excited about? Well...a couple things. I saw my absolute favoritest wrestler (WWE) of tv last night and oh, he was as yummy as always. Uhm...I bought the Harry Potter version os Scene It last night....and crap, I've forgotten what else I was all riled up about. Hmmm. Go figure.

So aside from me being anxious about making Kristen's little memory album thing, I am also anxious about going to the wedding itself. I'm not pessimistic about weddings or marriage. My divorce didn't do that to me like it does to some fact, I'm thrilled about my divorce and so happy that it happened...and I don't want to see anyone else go through it. I dunno....maybe I feel a bit like a hypocrite by going to a wedding when I am divorced...or maybe I'm just a little crazy.

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