Saturday, November 18, 2006

Stuff I did today....

I got a little uppity today and did some stuff....went to Michaels and got some glass ornaments, then went to Home Depot and bought a glass block and a diamond drill bit...

Dad used his drill press and the new diamond drill bit to drill a half inch hole in the back. I washed it and let it dry. While that was going on, I sat down and used the large flower from Paint Prints with Ruby Red ink. I stamped the flower once, turned it 1/4 turn and stamped again before re-inking to make the poinsettas. Then I used the small dots from Paint Prints with Summer Sun ink to make the centers. I also stamped the Seasons Greetings stamp from Sincere Salutations in Ruby Red. I took a sponge and inked the edges and some of the stark white spots on the CS with Creamy Caramel.

I spread Mod Podge all over the back of the CS and attached it to the front of the block, then smoothed more MP over the top to seal it on and press the air bubbles out. I stuffed a string of 20 Christmas lights into the hole in the back, then wrapped the block in wide ribbon and hot glued the (jerry rigged) bow down to the top. Viola! It's so pretty when lit, but the picture turned out crap!

Aren't these the darndest things?! I stamped the stocking, snowman, and Christmas Tree from Little Somethings onto plain white CS and colored them. Then I punched them with a half inch circle punch and used Judikins Diamond Glaze to adhere them to the backs of flat glass marbles. Then I put a small round magnet on that and adhered it with the DG again. I stuck them in this Altoid tin as a set and will get around to covering it soon to make it a cute matchy matchy set!

Re-inker onaments. Well...they didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. I did get the hang of it with the last few . I put a few drops of re-inker in the ball and a few drops of water before swirling it around inside. I dumped out the excess water and ink then poured a fine clear glitter into the ball and swished it around to coat evenly. Some of them are kinda stripey, some clumpy....I need some advice on these! I want to make some before the craft show in a couple weeks! I used Crandberry Crisp, Buckaroo Blue, and True Thyme on these ones.


michi said...

I can't be of assistance on the re-inker ornaments, but I love your magnets! What a great idea to put them in an altoid tin!

Dawn Mercedes said...

wow!! your stuff is great!

I have tried making those glass ball ornaments several different ways and mostly it turns out bad.

But yesterday, at a stamping store with my mom, I made one with some sort of glue and pearl ex and it looks good. Still, I would advise you to stay away from the glass ornaments.

How hard was it to drill a hole in one of those glass blocks? I have been wanting to make those for a while now!