Thursday, February 15, 2007

No card....but ICE!

I'm back at work today after two days off due to ice and snow (I don't think the folks in this town could honestly handle more than 6 inches of snow without freaking out about the "white death" one of my Canadian patients calls it....)......annnyyyyyywayyyyyyy...

We had a little drama this morning. First, the door wouldn't open because the entire side of the building is a solid 1.5" of ice. Well then. That doesn't make it very easy to get to work, does it?!?!

The door is just a little back from that, but I thought that shot was neat! How did we get in the office? A little bit of force and the clever use of a shovel handle....basically, take aim, thwack, hope you don't break the glass. It worked well.

My boss is out front as we speak using a sledgehammer to chip the ice off of the sidewalk so that none of our patients fall and kill themselves...funny how he pays someone to do these things for him and he is still out there doing them himself. Hum.

Then....this happens:

I heard this strange ticking sound and suddenly a gush of water came pouring into the waiting room...of course. Melting ice. Perfect! So the wall is saturated and ruined, carpet is soaked and it is still pouring in. We called the co-owner of the building (he built the joint and co-owns it with my boss) and two hours later, he is still not here.

I like to try and think of it as's calming. It's relaxing. I am one with the universe.

I am one with the universe and I have to pee.


Dawn Mercedes said...

oooh what a fun filled day you had! stay safe.

Dawn Mercedes said...

oooh what a fun filled day you had! stay safe.

Shadowcatcher said...

Wow! That's wild! Great pics, though! :)