Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New goodies

I quit my job at Michaels today, and she asked me to stay on a bit longer for a few things, and so I agreed to do so. Mainly for the discount, honestly...but I love my boss there and I love working with her! It was a hard decision to make, but I think I made the right choice since re-enactment season is coming up and I am getting promoted at my regular job! Yeah!

Anyway. I had to go back to Michaels tonight because I realised I was completely out of MonoAdhesive roller and I needed it to finish the invitations to my mom's 50th birthday party next month. I will post those when they are completely done and up tommorrow!

So I was one of those rude idiots on the phone the whole time while I was shopping for adhesive, wandered a bit and ended up with this handful of pretties. I love the ribbon, but I was restraining myself because I am taking a trip to Toronto this weekend and so want to hit the bead shops on Queen Street...save money, more beads. Yeah!

I made a decision about these little clear stamps and the blocks. I am going to buy up a bunch of the stamps and the blocks, a black ink pad, stamp scrubber and cleaner, and a box of plain, pre-made cards and put them all in a nice basket for my BFF. I'm getting her hooked, slowly and surely....that might just put her over the edge. Maybe....*evil grin*

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Dawn Mercedes said...

Oooh, you little sneak...but we all need stamping buddies IRL...not just the cyber ones!