Sunday, October 15, 2006

Been a busy week

I have been a hella bad poster. I guess when I have nothing to post about....I don't post. I haven't made any cards aside from the ones at my card class on Thursday and I gave those to my students to take home with them.

I am in a stamping's bad this time too...I ordered $80 worth of new stamps on Thursday and I am not even excited about them. :( Or my SU stamp club order for the month....ugh.

Someone beat me out of this.

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Dawn Mercedes said...

Okay, you're not excited? Send them over to me and I'll break those new stamps in for you! I think you need to try a new approach with your stamping slump...Mind over Matter. Start Chanting..."I am a stamping star!" "I can stamp stunning designs quickly." "Breath in, stamp out; breathe in, stamp out!" haha