Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gift Card Holder Tutorial

***Please note....this is NOT my pattern. I have no idea where it came from, someone else taught me how to do this. I have found similar patterns on the internet for a similar card though!***

First, start with a sheet of 12x12 paper (Stampin' Up!'s 12x12 double sided paper is fabulous for this.

Fold the sheet in half and crease with your bone folder. The pattern that is on the outside of this fold will be the pattern on the outisde of your gift card holder.

Next, open the paper back up and fold the edges in to meet the middle, crease with your bone folder.

Open these back up and you will have three creases in your paper.

See the creases? I know, the pic makes it a bit difficult. Take the edges and fold in about 1/4"....this does not have to be perfect! Crease with a bone folder.

Then fold the corners in to meet the first set of creases and crease. (I hope this is making sense!)

Next, leaving the corners folded in, fold the sides in to meet the middle again. Easy peasy!

Flip the paper over (keeping it all folded), and fold one end down to the end of where the corners are folded in. Yes...I hope the picture helps you, I am so not good at explaining this!

Flip over again (Keeping everything folded) and fold the other end to meet the folded end neatly.

Fold the paper back over and flip the larger part over to meet the smaller. Crease them well!

Alright, tuck the big end into the little end and....voila! Almost done! You're almost there, don't give up now!

Fold the card in half and you're done! There are 4 spots to put a gift card or small sentiment cards....or whatever you want. I use a small bit of ribbon to tie mine closed!


SouthernStorm said...

Wow!! You did a fantastic job w/ the tutorial!! I love this card holder!! It looks so professional! I'm fairly new to stampin' and SCS has been tremendous help, encouragement, etc!!
I love your blog.. sorry you're kinda burnt out! From the B'day invites, looks like you may have lit a fire under Jen(?)!! Perhaps she'll want to do more now and get you rekindled!!
Good luck with your stampin' and your blog! I've loved your comments/help that you post on SCS and your costume too!:)

Anonymous said...

Jessica--Great directions and photos!! Thanks for taking the time to explain and share this!
See you soon,

InspiredByInk said...

Hi! Thanks so much for posting this jessica! Any way to email you personally? Sorry that you are in a slump... but I would say mount a couple of stamp sets back onto wood. I wanted to tell you my tale of all that. It might help you out. If you want to hear my story then email and I will tell you about it!

take care and stamp away girlfriend!