Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gifting myself

So my friend Leli suggested buying myself a gift in the hopes that it would bring my stamping drive back. I think she just wants to get more pretties in the mail.

So I bought this super cute tote from Michaels! I only ended up paying $13 and I had purchased a few other things. Thank goodness for the employee discount (though I looked at my reciept on Sunday and realised that I got 50% off everything that I purchased!)....and apparently last week employee discount was....well anyway....I found out just in time apparently.

I also ended up buying a few different 12x12 patterned papers and some more silver eyelets. I realised that I only had two silver eyelets! How can one go on without silver eyelets?!?! Anyway...I think that I will need them for my class next week, if I get any students *crossing my fingers and hoping to everything that is listening*.

I plan on teaching a unique cards class next week...a folded gift card holder (which is posted in my gallery and people went APE over), a pocket card, and a waterfall card. I set my demo samples out today so hopefully they will attract some attention. And for those who liked the folded card, I am going to try and post directions up here one day this week. It's really not as hard as it looks....I promise! ;)

ETA: I changed the settings so that people other than just blogger members could comment...so please do! And enjoy!

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Dawn Mercedes said...

wow...50% off discount! you should have bought a lot more....

glad I could post...lately I couldn't get it to work!