Saturday, September 30, 2006

My First Day

Well I actually started working at Michael's today! Today was the instructor preview day and I sat there and stamped and worked on a basic scrapbook and made ornaments for 3 hours while people bombarded me wtih questions.

One thing I learned...

I hate stamping in an unfamiliar place. At my house and at my stamping table, I know where everything is and I am in a comfort zone. I'll get used to it, I suppose...but it was just a little odd.

I am sick, however. I was next to the Wilton Cake Decorating lady and she kept force feeding me cupcakes and icing that she was flavoring....ugh...sugar overload. I was supposed to go on a date with the DBF but I couldn't eat because I was so queasy!

He did take me to the LSS though...and can you believe that I walked out of there with nothing!?!?! I was still feeling so lousy that I barely felt up to looking at things! I did see some neat-o things though...

They started carrying tins to alter and new chipboard scrapbooks and HUGEMONGUS chipboard leters....big enough for some wicked cool monogram frames (I saw something similar in the new SU! catty...I'll have to make some and post them up!). Let's see...lots of new papers and some new Primas...and I love the Bazill flowers too...hum.

While I was perusing the LSS, the DBF stayed right there at my side and then he wanted to go to Barnes and Noble which is conviniently right down from the LSS. So we went and I got the Autumn Take Ten and Stampers Sampler to read tonight! Can't wait! The new Rubber Stamper was not on the shelves yet, so I will have to wait to see all those fab creations that I have heard some of our SCS ladies have put in there!

...Think I will have to go back to the LSS tommorrow for some of those GIGUNDO chipboard letters. ;)

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