Thursday, September 07, 2006

Well yeah, it's Thursday. And yeah, I haven't posted in several days. I will get better, I promise.

I haven't done much stamping wise this week. I did do a TAC ATC swap that I need to go ahead and get in the mail tommorrow. I will scan one and post it up in the morning. I also put in my SU! stamp club order for September.

Let's see, what else....

Oi, right. I have a meeting with a lady at Michael's on Monday who wants to see some of my work and see about having me teach a card class on Saturdays and perhaps a few weeknights!!! So yeah, I will be busy stamping all weekend to just make some new samples for her to look at. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas....please please please let me know...I am so afraid of creative block! I -REALLY- want this job!

The scrapbook I was working on for my cousin was a hit! I finished it all and stuffed it and my laptop and digital camera in my backpack and went off to the wedding. I took a ton of pictures and as luck would have it...there was a WalGreens just down the street. So I took the memory card, traipsed down there and printed off the pictures. My Grandpa drove to the reception while I put the photos on the mats that I had made in the book.

So we got to the reception and I gave it to Kristen and her new husband and they were thrilled....then of course they took it around and showed everyone....and then whisked off to their honeymoon with the scrapbook in tow. I even got her two nice sakura glaze pens (red and black) so that she could do journaling to go with the pictures.

It was so popular, that I had to do one for a wedding that my Grandma is going to this weekend! Yeah....hehe.

So this is a picture of the first page. It's a crappy shot, but it was the best I could do with what I had at the time. Her wedding colors were red and white with silver. I made all the mats black and that just made the photos POP!

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Charity said...

What a great idea to prepare a scrapbook full on!!! I did a similar thing for my cousin, but it was just a photo album.. same effect, they totally loved it. I will definitely try preparing mat pages ahead of time!!


(I got a link to your blog from SCS) :)