Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harry Potter Coma

I may be in love. Daniel Radcliffe is just turning into a little underage hawtie. Yep. I'm sad.
Don't read below if you don't want to be's just my little review:
While it was the one movie so far that barely stuck to the book, the storyline was the same and it was freaking AWESOME! I held my breath when the credits started to roll and everything just started to fall into place right off...the dementor attack in the underpass by the park, the crazy cat lady neighbor, the Order of the Phoenix House.
My heart melted at the first glimpse of Sirius Black. Oh how I long for Harry to have a family... Dolores Umbridge was hilarious and annoying at the same time (as Jackie O. wanna be perfectionists usually are), and Snape...well played! (Traitorous snipe that he is...Alan Rickman is still amazing).
I got teary when they formed Dumbledore's Army and Harry had a speech about how defending yourself against the Dark Arts was just luck for him. And then he kissed Cho...Oh...oh that was sweet...until she betrayed the group and told Dolores Umbridge about the room they were practicing in. Come to find out later that Umbridge had used Veritserum on her and other students.
Let's the ministry in the Department of Mysteries...brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. Except for when Sirius uh....well, died...crazy Beatrix Lestrange used the Avara Kevara curse on him and Harry lost the only family he had left. *weep* Yes, I had tears. What a wuss am I?!?!
All in all I loved it and I want to see it again just to look it over one more time to see if there was any little tidbit I missed. Maybe I will go Sunday or something. I hope the DVD is released before Christmas, though I am sure it will be out a good deal before then.
Now. Next Friday is like my dream day. First, I get to take a class with Karen Russell at the Cord Camera Scrapbook Studio in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, then that evening is the Harry Potter Midnight Magic party at Barnes and Noble. Well of course I will be there...I *heart* everything Harry. And well. I will probably have a book review for you by the end of next weekend. If Harry dies, I'll be inconsoleable. Yep. Save Harry Potter.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the movie yesterday also. I really liked it, but would have liked it to be a little longer. I think they did a pretty good job getting the important stuff in considering it was an 800 page book. :0) I plan on re-reading Halfblood Prince this to get ready for next Friday. I'm sure I'll spend next weekend inhaling Deathly Hallows and I'm with you - if they kill Harry I'll be very upset.