Monday, July 16, 2007

My grandpa

My mom broke the news to me on Friday morning and I pushed it out of my mind all weekend and it suddenly hit me this morning.

My grandpa has cancer. It's prostate cancer, caught very early, and very treatable, but in the end it's still cancer. He was always nervous to go to the doctor because he was afraid they would tell him that he had cancer.

That's him. Goofball that he is. I took that photo with my unimpressive Fuji Fine Pix Z5 at my grandparents 50th anniversary party last spring.

Yeah, he's going to be fine. I just wanted to put this in here for posterity, and so you guys would know what's going on. Yep. He'll come out perfect. And goofy as always.

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Becky G (tggrfriend) said...

Jessica, my mom was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. She has been in remission since January! My heart goes out to you and your family and I will add your grandpa to my prayers! You already have the most important thing, a positive attitude!