Sunday, July 15, 2007

I would like to introduce you toes.

That is the single best photo of me that was taken at the SCA event yesterday...and I took it myself. The photos of me doing archery and such turned out very grainy and therefore were deleted on sight....that and I looked like crap on toast, but I shot well!

I was pretty proud of this one of Michael fencing with Lorenzo (aka the dude in tights on the left hand side of the photo), in mid thrust. Despite driving two hours to get his fencing certification and not ending up getting it, we had a decent time.

What happened? Well you need two full marshalls to certify you (we totally need certification by the 25th so he can fight at Pennsic War), and one of the marshalls had his car break down on him on the way to the event. *sigh* Figures. Hopefully there will be another way. We're working on it.

Another of Michael and Lorenzo. I really wish that I had a nice, nice digital camera (SLR...I'm partial to the Canon Digital Rebels, but I know alot of folks aren't), but right now I am shooting with a 6 megapixel Fugi Fine Pix Z5...which was highly impressive to the camera dude at the Cord Camera scrapbook Center. Meh. I need lenses....adjustable....zooooooom. Options!
One day, I'll have one. We'll probably buy it in Canada because we found them about $200 cheaper there.
Karen Russell class this Friday prepared for my geekness!

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