Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I've been tagged!

Wow....never honestly thought it would happen to me. I remember reading a post by someone a while back about not being one of the 'popular kids' or whatnot, so I took alot of that to heart..and never had a second thought about being Tagged until I got a comment from Created By U.

Seven things about me....

1.) I am a re-enactor. I do viking re-enactment and now am branching into pirateera re-enacting. I go to a two week re-enactment in the middle of summer and love every second of the blissfulness...well, except for when certain individuals try to create drama.

2.) I hate closed mindedness. Add snap judgements to that. Don't judge someone untill you know them, you will be eating your words later, I guarantee. This has happened all too recently in my life.

3.) I am a hopeless Chipotle addict. I love chicken burrito bol with rice and pinto beans and extra cheese. Skip the fork, scoop the goods out with Chipotle chips!

4.) I don't own one pair of plain socks. They all have pictures or fun things on them. Right now I am wearing light blue socks with poodles on them. Yep. Poodles.

5.) I am a Star Wars geek. I'm too young to have seen the originals in the theater, but apparently my father took me to see Return of the Jedi when I was two. And I was hooked from then on. Really, I think that if Qui Gon Jin had not died, the Empire would have had a serious dent in it's plans....

6.) I work for a chiropractor. I have worked for him for ten years on May 23rd. I doubt he will remember. (long story) My mother works for him too....she's worked for him for 26 years in October. My job started out as a high school mentorship project and they realised that I was good at the job and I have been at it ever since.

7.) I have an entire closet full of garb. Yep, you read that right. I have an ENTIRE closet full of renaissance/re-enactment clothes and shoes. I see something I like, I make it....or DBF makes it for me. Want a picture? Here is the dress he HANDSEWED for me for pirate era stuff.

That is my beautiful friend Nurianna with me. Seems there was a bit of a rainstorm Saturday night and her table coverings got soaked through. Bummer! She's the BEST gypsy facepainter ever. :)

So now I have to tag seven people? Yeah uhm...I am sure they have already been tagged, but I am going to just showcase some of my favorite blogs to go to each day....

1.) Dawn Mercedes

2.) Busy Bee

3.) Prairie Paper and Ink

4.) Paper Trufflez

5.) Mama Dini

6.) InkyPaws

7.) SherLyn Design


Dawn Mercedes said...

Jessica! haha..thanks for tagging learning more about you!

Barb (babsnelson!) said...

You are sooooo one of the popular chicks Jessica. I love checking out your blog!!