Sunday, May 13, 2007

More Mother's Day...

Well this will be my last Mother's Day gift post...until next year at least. I had to have a clandestine stamp meeting with my FAB! demo since I was unable to make it to stamp camp Saturday morning. So we met in the grocery store parking lot and she gave me my kit and I paid her, then made this photo cube this morning!
The first photo is me and my mother at my bridal shower a few years ago. Yes I am divorced now, but I still love the photo...we both look good in it! LOL!
The second photo on the left hand side of the cub is my brother when he was...oh....9 or so, holding his new cat. She was a rescue and mom still has her. Her name is Cammy....and she's a whole hella lot tubbier now! And he is now 20!
The bottom photo on the left is me, mom, and dad when I was 10 months old. They took me on a carousel together...I was so thankful to find the photo! And the photo on the right is me and my bro a few years ago.
I gave her that cube and the candles from the previous post and she loved them both. She got all teary at the photos tho and said she was going to put it on her desk tommorrow!
And one last note for today....I started *FINALLY* getting my stamp space put together. There is still alot of work to do and I totaly need to figure out where I want everything, but it will get there! Whoohooo!


Dawn Mercedes said...

Is that entirely made of coasters? Need did an awesome job.

InspiredByInk said...

GREAT job Jessica! Love the photo cube and the candles... sorry to hear you had to 'sacrifice' a couple of fingers... such is the life of a crafter!

thanks for sharing...