Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bad Sunday

Well we had some bathroom issues last night. I.E.: the toilet always needs plunging...for everything. Well it backed up AGAIN last night and we couldn't get it fixed this time. So we shut off the water at the emergency valve and called maintenence. They never bothered to call back or come, so we went to bed, thinking that it was ok because we turned the valve off, which it should have been.

But noooooooooo. I woke up at 6:30 this morning to hear the toilet RUNNING. I open the bathroom door and FWOOSH! Water flooded out and onto the carpet. Michael lept out of bed and started bailing the gushing water out of the toilet and dumped it into the tub. I went downstairs to get towels and noticed that there is water POURING from around the light fixtures in the kitchen and dining area...onto the counters, carpet, the oak dining table, his computer and my sewing machine. So we're both soaked and annoyed and tired, so we head out to the store, buy a new plunger and this CLR plumbers stuff. Its like this pressure in a can....its supposed to blast the clog out of the line in two seconds. Yeah. Right.

Michael called maintenence again and still no call or person showed. We just bail out the toilet every hour on the hour.

He called again an hour later and told them that we were going to call a plumber if someone did not show up in an hour and take care of was an emergency, therefore someone had to come out. So the guy shows up twenty minutes later and looks at the mess not only in the bathroom, bedroom, and hall...then in the downstairs and apologized PROFUSELY for ignoring our call Saturday night because the management company said that toilet problems were not an emergency in their eyes. He, however, felt that they were, but was just following orders.

So the dude made a hella lot of noise and finally got it unstuck. Apparently the previous tenant had the same problem and there was something litterally jamed in the pipes that needed to be pushed through with an auger. The ceiling, wall and carpets should be fine, they just need to dry out. *sigh* We should have been ok with just turning off the water and waiting....turns out that after we turned it off the washer inside the shut off snapped and started letting water back through, so he fixed that too. We're ok now. Just a little damp and waiting to dry out...and we're really not happy because we have had nothing but problems with this place since we moved here a few weeks ago. I think we will be looking for somewhere new over the next couple weeks.

We went grocery shopping afterwards and bought a Swiffer Wet jet cause obviously I needed to mop and my mop died in the move (don't ask). I cleaned and Michael took out the garbage and washed the towels. I had just laid down to take a nap and he said "Honey! Come look! There are green CHICKENS out in our yard!" Yes, there is a pond behind our house.


Being Canadian you would have thought he would have known better.

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